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Jon Bergeman
(706) 508-3575
Custom Airbrushed Helmets
Welcome to 1000Wattz Airbrushing in Tunnel Hill, GA. (706) 508-3575.  Ordering is safe, easy and secure. Average turnaround time for your custom painted helmet is 1-3 weeks. If you don't see what you're looking for, contact us with your ideas and we can make it happen!
All helmets are painted with a diamond hard, automotive grade, high gloss urethane clear coat for a long lasting, lustrous finish. Guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go!  All of our helmets are custom painted to your specifications - most any helmet!

What are the prices??
Click the picture for what helmet you would like the design on. Then, contact us for information. 

I want a custom design, can you do that?
Sure, you can email or text pics for quotes. Let me know if you want it on a new helmet and what brand/model. Or, if you will be providing a helmet, custom rates for just a name airbrushed start at just $20.

Can I send in my helmet to be painted?
Yes, it should be solid, gloss for best results.  And we can also do some rubberized/Rubatone helmets. By using your helmet, a standard deduction from default pricing can be made.
Airbrush, carting, drag, motorcycle, custom paint, made to order helmet, hand painted full face helmets, all the helmet models are available in our shop at 1000Wattz.
Todd Bergeman
(706) 847-0445
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